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If you are looking for someone to truly care for your pets while you are away, I highly recommend that you try Cuddles on Call. I think you’ll be impressed with the extra attention and care that owner, April Cash, gives to your pets. Her passion for what she does is evident, and the level of service Cuddles on Call is willing to provide is off the charts. We’ve used kennels and pet sitters in the past, but it always left me wondering if all was well. Now that we’ve discovered April & Cuddles on Call (which by the way, include daily updates and video clips or pictures as part of the service), there is no other option for us when it comes to leaving our pups behind.

Kim & Brian, Apex, NC

April is the new light in our household! From the moment she walked in the door, Magic was excited to meet her, and after a few minutes, shy Pumpkin came out from her hiding spot to greet April. It was so much fun getting to know April during our visit and I felt completely at ease leaving my girls in her care. During my vacation, April sent me updates every day that made my heart soar! I got to see Pumpkin and Magic playing with their toys as well as a written description of their time with April. When I came home, not only was it cleaner than I had left it, but Magic and Pumpkin were disappointed it wasn’t April coming through the door! April is worth every penny and more for her services. Knowing that my kitties had a great time and the house was being checked on was extremely comforting. April is my #1 go to girl for pets, and I love talking about her to all of my pet friends now!

Heather, Cary, NC

If it were possible to give ten stars to April I would … pet owners and pet lovers agree on one thing, our pets are our family and we want the best for them.  The first time that we traveled away from home without our dog, we trusted April and Cuddles on Call and VERY glad that we did.  She sent daily text messages with pictures and/or videos that helped put my mind at ease that the pup was doing great and April was caring for him as if he were her own.

This past weekend, my 8pm flight from NYC turned into an 11:30pm departure. At last minute, April was available to swing by and let Hurley out for a quick potty break. It is super helpful having someone that cares for your pet in your own home and takes such great care while you’re away.

I highly recommend Cuddles on Call and will never use anyone else as long as I have pets and live in Raleigh!!

Alicia J.

We’ve used Cuddles on Call a few years now and they’re wonderful!  Caryn usually watches the kitty, and kitty is pretty skittish and NOT a cuddler (to my great sadness).  Over the years not only does she enjoy Caryn’s company by clearly enjoying the petting and attention – but she even jumps in her lap, the highest of compliments from our little fur baby.
Caryn sends us texts and photos with every visit (which we eagerly anticipate each morning and night), and she goes WAY above and beyond during her visits and if we forget anything or have special requests she will always very kindly oblige.  She brings in our mail, opens/closes curtains, waters the plants, washes dishes, and even cleans (changing out the litter) the catbox fresh!  I know there must be several things she does we don’t even realize because she’ll just do it and not tell us.  For example, miss kitty inevitably leaves a little trail of litter after using the catbox but the floors are always squeaky clean when we return.  She’s the best and it’s such a relief to know that our kitty girl is in such trusted, wonderful, loving hands while we’re away.

Candace L.

We just spent two weeks in England, and our pets were taken care of by Fran and Amy. After the very first meeting I stopped worrying about going away. My dog, although vocal, clearly loved both ladies. They sent daily pictures while we were away, which was wonderful. If you love your fur babies, then you want the best for them, and this company is the best!!

I will absolutely use them again, they looked after my babies as if they were their own. Thank you

Jane S.

I have been using Cuddles on Call for cat sitting services for a little less than a year and I cannot say enough positive things about April and her team.  I have absolute peace of mind that my cat and my house are safe under April’s care, and that kind of certainty is priceless.  April is so loving with my cat and I always enjoy getting picture and text message updates while I am away.  I would absolutely recommend April and the Cuddles of Call team to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and loving pet sitting service.  I will never use anyone else!

Allyson V.

Let me start off by saying that we don’t have just the average one dog or cat for Cuddles on Call to take care of. We have two indoor dogs (one with special needs as he is totally deaf and nearly close to blind), one indoor rabbit, and two outdoor ducks who have to be herded and locked away in their house at the end of our property. Cuddles on Call handles all of their needs with extra love and attention! They text us updates and pictures daily and are extremely thorough in taking our appointment times, special requests, and even in their billing. They came to our family’s rescue during some recent personal medical emergencies at the drop of a hat with compassion and care. Whether your pet needs a quick potty break or an entire weekend of cuddles while you go out of town, you can’t go wrong with Cuddles On Call.

Giancarlo B.

I’m SOOOO glad we found Cuddles on Call before our recent trip out of town. Being transplants to the area, we don’t really have a group of people in the area we feel comfortable bugging to actually hang out with our cat for a while each day, but with Cuddles on Call we found a service that will do just that! We didn’t want to need to board our cat to keep her safe while we were away; we wanted her to be able to roam around her territory and have her familiar items while getting fresh food and water, playtime, and snuggles. Cuddles on Call did all of that for us. Simply wonderful!

Upon meeting April and Ellen, I was no longer hesitant to leave our cat in their care while we were away. Our kitty warmed right up to them and they seemed to love her too. I already felt like my cat would be confident and cared for while we were gone.

I loved receiving updates each day with pictures. Apart from when I had family actually stay with the cat, this was the first trip I didn’t worry about her at all. It’s nice to really know your fur-baby is safe, happy and well taken care of instead of wondering if everything is okay.

A week after we’ve been back, I still think my cat is looking for her new gal pal, Ellen, to walk through the door to hang out and play…I really get the feeling they bonded while we were out of town. Next trip, kitty…you’ll get to hang out with your new friend again!

Rebecca F

Cuddles on Call has been a godsend for us. April is beyond reliable and it’s clear that she loves animals and that they love her. I’ve used their services twice so far, and I’m hooked. Nothing can replace the peace of mind I get from her texts after she visits the cats, full of photos and even videos sometimes. She’s on top of everything. Even things I didn’t think of, she had covered–e.g. she managed to keep my four orchids alive for two weeks when I was sure they’d die w/o us here (or let’s face it, possibly w/ us here!).

I can’t overstate how grateful we all are for April and Cuddles on Call. She did more than just take care of our cats (and mail, and orchids, and home) while we were gone, she took care of us too by never letting us get a chance to think “I hope the cats are okay”–b/f we could think to, we’d have an update from her. And she did so much more than just “feed and water”–she played with the cats, cuddled them, engaged them–and the final product: our cat that loves to pee outside the box when we’re away or when we return from a long vacation, she did none of it. Not once did she pee outside the box and we were away last time for two weeks! Nor has she done it since we’ve returned. Both cats were at a level of calm that we never thought possible after our being away for so long. Oh, and the house didn’t smell like a pet store when we returned either, which it always does after a long trip when the cats get full run of the house. Besides being highly responsible, professional and thoughtful, April truly has a gift with animals that can’t be taught. Our cats absolutely adore her….and accordingly, so do we.

Melody M.

I have nothing but kind words to say about the team at Cuddles on Call. April has really done an incredible job making sure my girl Shay had a comfortable walk and friendly atmosphere. Tieli, Sharon, and April were wonderful the past year of taking care of Shay! They always sent me wonderful photos, and sweet updates about my girl. When I needed one of them to walk her on very short notice, they were always able to come through.

Unfortunately my girl Shay had to be laid to rest this past weekend, and I cannot use their services. But I will always be a client to Cuddles on Call. I just opened a card from April about my sweet Shay, and it brought happy tears to my eyes

Katie B.

cat sitter

My wife and I have been using Cuddles on Call to take care of our pets for over 2 years now. Prior to meeting April and using the company, we had always been worried about the level of care our animals were getting while we were away. It seems like no one will take care of your pets as well as you will- but this is not the case with Cuddles on Call!

From the first time that we used Cuddles on Call to care for our pets while away, it was clear that the level of care and attention they receive is right on par with how we treat them ourselves. When we arrive home our 2 dogs and cats have clearly been well cared for. Also, Cuddles on Call will send us pictures and videos of our pets playing and getting attention while we are gone. Using this service gives us the peace of mind to not worry about our animals while we are out of town- and at less than the cost of boarding them at a kennel where they would not receive nearly the amount of attention and care that Cuddles on Call provides.

We have recommended Cuddles on Call to all of our friends, and remain happy customers.

Daniel R.

My husband and I have used Cuddles on Call’s pet sitting services on multiple occasions over the past few years for our two cats. April is simply the best and there is no one I would trust more to take care of my babies while we are out of town.
Each day, she stops by to feed them, play with them, take care of their litter and then cuddle with them of course!!  From the very first time April came over to our house, our cats instantly loved her (which, if you have cats, you know that it’s not always a given)… she seriously is a cat whisperer!!
I also love that while we are away, April keeps us informed of how our cats are doing and she will even text us a couple of pics and/or videos of them while she is there playing and cuddling with them… those texts make me smile while I am away and really give me the peace of mind that my babies are well taken care of.
I would highly recommend Cuddles on Call to anyone in need of a pet sitter 🙂

Melanie J.

We have always been happy with Cuddles on Call.  We’ve been using their services for years and will continue for years to come!

They are super reliable, and mazing with our 2 cats.  One kitty is really skittish and they always get him to come to them for cuddles.  I truly don’t know how they do it- I think it is magic!  I would recommend Cuddles on Call every time!

Kelley M.

We love Cuddles on Call and April- none more so than our two furry children. We were initially nervous to leave our large dogs at home with someone other than a relative, as they are skittish and can be trouble. April came over for a consultation and set our minds at ease- spending waaaay longer in our home than she probably wanted to as we explained all the wacky nuances of “the girls.” Having a dog with physical disabilities and very specific medication schedules, it’s not easy to find someone we can trust to take care of our babies, but we are glad to have found April!  We love that she sends us pics and videos of the girls looking happy as can be while we’re away- we know they’re in good hands.

Bonnie S.

We LOVE Cuddles on Call!  April is fantastic and takes great care of our many pets (three cats and four Guinea pigs).  After checking with a number of other pet sitters in the area, Cuddles on Call was the clear choice (and not just because April lives 2 minutes away).  She’s very personable to us humans, deals with our sometimes crazy requests, and always responds quickly to emails/texts with promptness and courtesy.  We feel at ease knowing our “furry children” are being taken care of, and we really appreciate her texts (including pictures of all of our babies) each day.  We really can’t say enough great things about Cuddles on Call!

Heather T.