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Add-On Services

Photo or Video Update

Is this your first time leaving your pets alone? Or do you just miss your pets terribly when you leave? To help put your mind at ease, we would love to send you an adorable photo or cute little hello video of your beloved pets along with a daily report card, so you can see how great your pets and home are doing while you are away. It’s just that extra reassurance to help you relax and sleep soundly on your vacation. So go ahead and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  • Free!

Bedtime/Earlybird Visit

Do you have a puppy or an older dog that needs one extra night time potty break and cuddle before bed? Is your pup an early riser? Well we have just what you need! We can arrange a bedtime or early morning visit for your pet (after 9pm/before 8am) for those times when they just can’t hold it that long!

  • An additional $6.50

Nail Trim

Hate dragging your pet all the way to the vet or groomer just to have a simple nail trim? Or do you not feel like risking life and limb to do it yourself? Save yourself the trouble (and save the couch and floors in the process) and let us do all the hard work for you in the comfort of your own home!

  • $20

Medicine Administration

We understand that some pets have special circumstances and need extra special care. Because of this we are happy to administer forcible pills, liquid, insulin and other medications during our visits. We will do so with all the love and care that we perform all other services with to make the experience as gentle as possible.

  • $2 per forcible med, per visit
  • $6 per insulin injection

House Sitting

Even if you don’t have any pets (or if they won’t be at home while you’re away), Cuddles on Call is still happy to watch your home while you are away! We’ll bring in the mail, newspaper, and any packages that arrive, water your plants, take the garbage and recycling to the street, rotate lights and blinds or anything else you need us to do. You’ll be able to relax while you’re away and rest assured that your home is taken care of!

  • $21

Key Pick-up or Return

If your key is not picked up during the initial meet and greet, or you choose to not keep a key on file with us, Cuddles on Call will make an additional trip to your home to pick up or drop off your key. We suggest that you keep a key on file with us to avoid these charges. All keys are kept in a locked safe when not in use and are not marked with your name or address for your safety.

  • $15