Why should I use a Cuddles on Call pet sitter instead of a kennel?

In a kennel environment, your pet is exposed to illness from other animals, gets very little time outside of their cage, and receives very little if any personal attention. Pets experience a great deal of stress when they have to leave their homes for an unfamiliar, noisy, cramped kennel. Many will not even eat because they are so stressed!

However, with a Cuddles on Call pet sitter, your pet can avoid all this stress by staying in their own home where they are familiar, secure, and can follow their regular routine. Plus, they get long walks outside, and plenty of love, cuddles, and sweet talk! And, as a bonus to all that, your home will be taken care of while you are gone and will look lived in (which will deter break ins).

For more info on this please see our detailed comparison of Pet Sitting vs. Kennels here.