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Services and Rates

Making a Reservation

We request that you please make reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. However, Cuddles on Call will always try to work with our clients to accommodate all visits, even at the last minute.

New Clients click here to request service.

Existing Clients can click here to make a reservation.

In Home Consultation

This is the initial meeting with one of our pet care professionals in which we will get to know you and your pets. This meeting will last about 30-60 minutes in length and will help your pet sitter get to know your pet and your home. During the consultation, we will gather thorough instructions about your pet’s routine and any special dietary, medical, or exercise needs and answer any questions you may have. We also require that you have 2 keys ready for us at this time.


*as long as you use our services. Otherwise, it’s $20 that will be applied to your account as a credit towards future visits. If you require more than one consultation, each subsequent consultation is $20.

Dog Walks

Do you work long hours? A long day for you is an even longer day for your dog or puppy at home who is surely bored, lonely and needing to relieve themselves! Whether your dog needs just a few cuddles and a quick stroll around the neighborhood, or desires a longer adventure with extra playtime and attention, we’ve got you covered! This service is perfect for any dog, but energetic dogs will especially love it! Your dog will be happy and TIRED when you come home. This service also includes fresh water and a meal if desired. We always pick up after your dogs, so please provide bags. We will also text or email you with a daily update and photo or short video of how your dogs are doing.


  • $20 for a 30 minute dog walk
  • $25 for a 45 minute dog walk
  • $30 for a 60 minute dog walk
  • $2 for each additional dog

Discounts available for those using the service 5 or more times a week!

*Base rate includes up to 2 dogs.

Pet Sitting Visit

Each visit includes feeding, fresh water, lots of love, play time, petting, brushing (if they like it), a nice dog walk, kitty litter scooped, mail and paper brought in, indoor plants watered, lights and blinds rotated. We will also text or email you with a daily update and photo or short video of how your pets are doing. We are also happy to administer non-forcible medication if needed free of charge.


  • $20 for a 30 minute visit
  • $25 for a 45 minute visit
  • $30 for a 60 minute visit
  • $2 for each additional dog
  • $1 for each additional cat or other small animal (bird, ferret, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, rabbit, sugar glider, mouse, turtle, etc.)

*Base rate includes 1 pet.

Overnight Pet Sitting Visit

If you’d like to give your pets that extra mile of care, use our overnight service and have one of our sitters cuddle up and sleep overnight with your pet! Our sitter won’t leave your pet’s side through the night and will give them the extra TLC they have become accustomed to with you. We stay a minimum of 9 hours overnight from 10pm to 7am. All overnight visits include all services included in the regular pet sitting visits.


  • $80 per night

Pet Taxi

Don’t have time to take your furry loved one to its groomer or vet appointments? Well we can help you with that too! With this service, we will safely transport your pet to the groomer, veterinarian or any other appointment. This service can be used either one way or round trip.


  • $25 one way to destination
  • $45 round trip to destination
  • $10 per 15 min of wait time

Add-on Services

Cuddles on Call offers additional services while we are are already at your home. Does you pet need medications or a nail trim?

Check out Add-ons Services